Message Notes: 30 + 18 = 5 – Remembering the Merge


John 12:24 (ESV)  – 24 Truly, truly, I say to you, unless a grain of wheat falls into the earth and dies, it remains alone; but if it dies, it bears much fruit.

I have really enjoyed the past several weeks of ‘A Summer to Remember’ – it has been very moving for me to reflect on all that God has done in both Toronto City Church and in Church Without Limits over the years. I have especially loved hearing the stories/testimonies from people.

Some things I have observed over the past several weeks:

  1. Both churches experience significant/special moves of God over their time
  2. There was great sacrifice/passion/faith that was invested in both churches
  3. Both churches “were family”
  4. Both churches had a passion to reach and impact our city… to advance the Kingdom of God, to impact the nations

So in the spring/summer of 2013 when the will of God brought us together it was a big change for everyone – and it wasn’t easy.

There was a dying that everyone has to embrace and go through. There was lots of change. There were people who transitioned and moved on. We had to work through tension/difficulty and misunderstanding. Every one of us had to go through a dying process…

There was a dying… but there is a promise in John 12:24…. if you die you will bear much fruit!

There is a Kingdom principle of ‘dying’ to see ‘resurrection life’ come forth:

  • If we lose our life we find true life
  • If we suffer with Him we will be glorified with Him
  • If we die then we will bear much fruit

So God takes these two amazing churches and says “I have done some amazing things through you both” but there is great fruit I have called you to that you will not reach on your own… but only when you come together. And so I’m going to call you together, and in the short term it will be hard, but if you will embrace the ‘dying’ process you will be positioned for much fruit!

What is this much fruit?

  • We are called to be part of a massive move of God that will touch this city and nations
  • We are called to steward a historic revival
  • We are called to multitudes, miracle and millions
  • We are called be a house of prayer for all nations
  • We are called to create arts and media that will be a voice to our generation
  • We are called to plant campuses and churches in key cities in our nation and nations of the world
  • We are called to see freedom come to those who are bound and oppressed
  • We are called to see healing come for those with sickness and disease
  • We are called to walk in Kingdom finances and see the spirit of poverty broken
  • We are called to raise up disciples of Jesus who will go into every mountain of culture and be salt and light

Question: What if we actually needed to walk through this season to prepare us for the season that is to come?

Video: Finished

5 Things I Believe We Have Learned:

  1. We have learned to navigate massive change.
  2. We have learned to love and make room for people who are different than us.
  3. We have learned to pray and believe God – even though challenges
  4. We have learned a deeper level of perseverance
  5. We have learned to be family… not by accident but by choice

5 DNA Elements We Need to Continue to Embrace:

  1. We are Family
  2. Passion
  3. A Spirit of Faith
  4. Heart for our City
  5. Heart for Revival

Activation: get more connected with “Family” at Toronto City Church. Here are five easy ways:

  • Join a Connexion Group
  • Sign up to Serve
  • Get involve in a class
  • Get into a Prayer Cadre
  • Give

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