Some Thoughts Regarding the “Billy Graham Rule” and Friendships Between Men and Women.

This coming weekend at Toronto City Church I’m going to preaching on “No Glass Ceilings in the Kingdom: Women in Ministry” as part of our DNA Series; where we explore our mission and foundational elements of who we are as a church. My wife is away on a missions trip (for two weeks… pray for me people) so while she usually preaches on Mother’s Day, I’m up. I’m going to use the opportunity to teach on woman and ministry and why we embrace women having full access to participate in every aspect of Kingdom leadership and ministry. (My notes for it will be posted here on Sunday and you can listen to the message here early next week)

While it doesn’t relate directly to my message, I came across an interesting article recently entitled “It’s Not Billy Graham Rule or Bust” by Tish Harrison Warren that really got me thinking. Continue reading →


Message Notes: DNA 01



A)  As we step into a new season I want to get right back to the basics and focus on our DNA – who we are called to be as a church family.

B)  We are growing, there are many great things going on but we also have a lot of work to do. We need to stay HUMBLE, HUNGRY and FOCUSED

C)  DNA is the fundamental and distinctive characteristics or qualities of someone or something. We want to take time in this season to focus on the fundamental and distinctive characteristics and qualities of TCC. Continue reading →

Resources: Impacting the Next Generation

This week I’m at the OBFF National Conference and I had the opportunity to chair a panel discussion on “Impacting the Next Generation”. I had prepared a handout with some key points and recommended resources and wanted to make sure I posted it here as well:

OBFF 2018: Impacting the Next Generation

Foundational Principles:

  • We believe in “cross-generational” ministry
  • We reject any form of a ‘generation war’ and recognize the need to walk together
  • We recognize that culture is rapidly changing and we have a responsibility to step out in ‘Spirit-led’ engagement of our culture
  • The onus is on Fathers/Mothers to engage/empower Sons/Daughters

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Message Notes: Surrendered – Reflections from this Past Week.



A)  As all of you are aware this past Monday we experienced a horrific tragedy here in Toronto. 10 people lost their lives. 16 were injured. Many more were devastated and traumatized by the events. I felt that it was really important that as a church family and spiritual community that we took some time to process together and pray into all that has happened.

B)  I have taken quite a bit of time to pray/reflect this week. I have asked the Lord how we should be responding. I want to share on several key things that have impacted my heart, and I believe they will impact yours as well. Continue reading →

From my Heart: Some Thoughts After the Toronto Van Attack

Tomorrow at Toronto City Church as we gather to worship there is going to be a major focus put on the van attack in our city this past week that took the lives of 10 people, injured even more and devasted a city. We are going to worship, we are going to pray, and we are going to talk about some practical things we can do to show the love of God and make a difference.

One thing we will be talking about is a multi-church prayer walk and love outreach that will be happening leading up to the city-wide vigil being held at Mel Lastman Square. It’s a great opportunity to serve in a real and practical way alongside many other believers.

This past Monday, on the day of the attack, I sent the following note to our TCC Family members. While it was written to TCC I felt like I wanted to share it with a broader audience by posting it here on my blog: Continue reading →

MESSAGE NOTES: Surrendered



A)  I want to teach today on a key principle for life as a Christian and in the Kingdom of God – embracing the Lordship of Jesus in our lives

B)  This principle is foundational – everything else is built upon this. When we get this right we have a solid foundation for everything else. If we don’t get this right… things may look good but we won’t stand the test of time.

II      LORDSHIP 101

Romans 10:9 (NIV) – If you declare with your mouth, “Jesus is Lord,” and believe in your heart that God raised him from the dead, you will be saved. Continue reading →

#Food4Thought: They’re Growing, We’re Not + How to Quickly Lose Your Influence

I came across a couple really thought provoking posts today that I wanted to pass on:

The first is “They’re growing. We’re not. It’s time to listen”  by Graham Hill. :

While many statistics show the church in the West is in multi-generational decline, the opposite is true almost everywhere else.

Non-Western cultures and churches aren’t the minority any more: they are the majority.

The churches of the Majority World (sometimes called the Developing World) have seen extraordinary and sustained growth for decades. Places such as Africa, Asia and Latin America, Oceania and the Caribbean, the Middle East and eastern Europe, First Nations and Indigenous communities. Finally, immigrant Christian communities are also going through a time of growth and revitalisation. Insights from churches in these cultures can help renew the worldwide church. They can invigorate our churches, as we learn from each other. And they have the power to invest Western mission, worship and discipleship strategies with new vibrancy.

In 2016, I founded The Global Church Project so that we can listen and learn from non-Western Christian churches and leaders. I travelled the globe to meet and do filmed interviews with many hundreds of non-Western church leaders. The hundreds of filmed interviews and podcasts at is their voice.

You can read the entire post here. Continue reading →