#Food4Thought – Stuff That Got Me Thinking This Week…

One of my goals is to be a lifelong learner and I’m always trying to read/watch/listen to different resources that will cause me to grow.

Here is some stuff that has really gotten me thinking this week:

  1. Faith Tech put out their monthly newsletter – I can’t link it but just check out their site and get on their mailing list. This is a cutting-edge ministry that is really a great thought leader in the area of faith and technology.
  2. Why You Should Have a Not to Do List by Brian Jones – really good article that gets you thinking on what you should not be doing. Please Note: this is written by a Pastor to Pastor’s but I think it can be helpful even if you are not a pastor in your personal context.
  3. How to Build Your Vision from the Ground Up – I have not gotten a chance to go through this conversation between Steven Furtick and T.D. Jakes but I have heard so much good stuff I already know it’s going to be good (and worth passing on).
  4. Passion Translation – I got the New Testament + Psalms/Proverbs Passion Translation for Christmas and I’m reading through the New Testament this month and I’m loving it! I highly recommend this translation of the scriptures. Here is an example:

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