MESSAGE NOTES: Money Talks #2



  • We are continuing our series focused on discipleship in the area of our finances.
  • Discipleship is following Jesus… what does it look like to really follow Jesus in the area of our finances? 
  • In my bag is a term that refers to being “focused, diligently working on something, being in the zone” – I believe that God has some big things in store for us but part of the prep is embracing discipleship when it comes to our finances.
  • We are called to be a blessing to nations.
  • God is looking for people and church families to whom he can give great resources – because He trusts them to be ‘distribution centres’.
  • We have to be faithful with little so we can be rulers over much (Matthew 25:21) – we need to be in our bag where we are at so we can be trusted with more.
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