#Food4Thought: They’re Growing, We’re Not + How to Quickly Lose Your Influence

I came across a couple really thought provoking posts today that I wanted to pass on:

The first is “They’re growing. We’re not. It’s time to listen”  by Graham Hill. :

While many statistics show the church in the West is in multi-generational decline, the opposite is true almost everywhere else.

Non-Western cultures and churches aren’t the minority any more: they are the majority.

The churches of the Majority World (sometimes called the Developing World) have seen extraordinary and sustained growth for decades. Places such as Africa, Asia and Latin America, Oceania and the Caribbean, the Middle East and eastern Europe, First Nations and Indigenous communities. Finally, immigrant Christian communities are also going through a time of growth and revitalisation. Insights from churches in these cultures can help renew the worldwide church. They can invigorate our churches, as we learn from each other. And they have the power to invest Western mission, worship and discipleship strategies with new vibrancy.

In 2016, I founded The Global Church Project so that we can listen and learn from non-Western Christian churches and leaders. I travelled the globe to meet and do filmed interviews with many hundreds of non-Western church leaders. The hundreds of filmed interviews and podcasts at TheGlobalChurchProject.com is their voice.

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