REPOST: Get the Most Out of 2019: F8 LIFE Goals

One of my personal disciplines at the start of each year is that I take a fresh look at my goals using something I call the ‘F8 Life Goals’. Basically, F8 Life Goals gives you a lens to look at your life through and identify goals, priorities and areas of focus. I have found it helpful to use it as a framework to make sure I’m looking at my life holistically and planning for personal growth. (Please note: the way I’m wired it works for me to have several goals in each of the eight areas. If that is too much for you feel free to pick one goal in each of the areas or even pick several of the areas to focus on for the coming year) Hope this is helpful.F

F8 Life Goals Worksheet

There are many good ways to approach setting goals for your life. At Toronto City Church we have learned/developed an approach we call F8 Life Goals. In this approach, you look at your life through the lens of eight different categories and set goals for each area. The categories are:

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