Beth Moore: A Letter to My Brothers

My last several posts have really focused around the topic of women and their place in Christian ministry and leadership (which I believe they should have full access to – read my previous three posts for full details here, here and here). I was going to shift gears but one of our leaders Kelly Cameron passed this blog from Beth Moore onto me (if you are not familiar with Beth she is a well known and outstanding Bible teacher that is quite popular) and it really moved me. I think it so clearly outlines the challenges women face, and why we need to be vocal about seeing change (especially us men). In many ways, my heart is saddened that something like this even has to be written in 2018 but I applaud Beth for speaking out and join her in being hopeful that it will be part of the change that is coming.

A Letter to My Brothers by Beth Moore

Dear Brothers in Christ,

A few years ago I told my friend, Ed Stetzer, that, whenever he hears the news that I’m on my deathbed, he’s to elbow his way through my family members to interview me about what it’s been like to be a female leader in the conservative Evangelical world. He responded, “Why can’t we do it before then?”

“Because you know good and well what will happen,” I answered. “I’ll get fried like a chicken.” After recent events following on the heels of a harrowing eighteen months, I’ve decided fried chicken doesn’t sound so bad.

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Resources: Impacting the Next Generation

This week I’m at the OBFF National Conference and I had the opportunity to chair a panel discussion on “Impacting the Next Generation”. I had prepared a handout with some key points and recommended resources and wanted to make sure I posted it here as well:

OBFF 2018: Impacting the Next Generation

Foundational Principles:

  • We believe in “cross-generational” ministry
  • We reject any form of a ‘generation war’ and recognize the need to walk together
  • We recognize that culture is rapidly changing and we have a responsibility to step out in ‘Spirit-led’ engagement of our culture
  • The onus is on Fathers/Mothers to engage/empower Sons/Daughters

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